Diversity Strikes in the City of Brotherly Love
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From:  Name Withheld 

A reader in Philadelphia, who has requested anonymity, writes about his experience at a local Catholic girls' school event:

"This past weekend our school presented its annual Spring Concert. The musical program was to end with selections from Leonard Bernstein's "West Side Story". The final song was to be "America".

On the first night of the concert the parents and relatives of the Puerto Rican students in the concert stood and began a loud disturbance, suddenly producing and waving Puerto Rican flags. The concert ended, but the barbarism had just begun.

The Puerto Rican thugs promised to return and do violence, including shooting at the school, if there was any repetition of the performance of "America".

The school actually caved in to this thuggery and cut the song on the next and final night of the concert. Six seniors were due to perform their last vocal performance as a Little Flower student during this number. A lot of words, I know. Sorry to bore you, but I have had it. I just had to tell someone who could understand. I am weary of the face and the insolence of the Philistine."

June 05, 2001

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