A Virginia Reader Says Laura Ingraham Is Being Replaced By Spanish Immigrants On Her Flagship Station
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From: Virginia Paleoconservative [Email him]

In what must be the irony of ironies, the formerly conservative talk station, WTNT (“The Truth”), that carried Laura Ingraham’s program in the Washington, D.C. area has just converted to a “Spanish Hits” format (“La Capital, Solo Exitos”). From the limited time I heard Laura’s program during my morning commute I found that she consistently emphasizes immigration issues, and extracts the immigration positions from a number of reluctant elected representatives whom she interviews. This change in station format provides another example of the enormous demographic transformation this nation is undergoing without the consent of its citizens.

Laura has broadcast from and lived in this most important market for years so it is a great, but hopefully temporary loss. In the meanwhile her program can be accessed by streaming on her website.

Here's what's replacing patriotic talk radio:

La Capital, Solo Exitos

730 AM in DC/MD/VA & 102.9 FM Northern Virginia

LaCapital features a Spanish Hits format playing songs from the Top Mexican and Central American Artists.

The format targets Hispanics 25-54 years old with music, local talk shows, and many other issue shows that address the Hispanic culture in Washington, DC.

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