A Texas Reader Notes MSM Censorship—And How To Get Around It
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From: Mike Johnson in Texas [email him]

Re: James Fulford's Blog Item "Stupid Violence"

James Fulford wrote, "This is not necessarily race-based - it's more of a class thing." Well, maybe, but in this case at least one of the combatants is black.

A co-worker recently taught me a useful trick: when trying to determining the race of someone reported to have done something outrageous, check the local paper. The wire services and papers who get their material from them will not, of course, mention race. Neither do local papers, but they sometimes publish photographs.

The Atmore Advance has a photo on the bottom right of its front page (not with the story) of David James Brooks, Jr., the man who was shot in the dispute over James Brown's height. He looks quite black to me. There's no photo of shooter Dan Gulley, Jr., but I'd bet the ranch that he's black, too. (Is everyone in Atmore a junior?)

This is the second time I've used this trick. The first was in the case of Joshua Bush, the "Port Arthur teen" afraid to have a bullet removed from his forehead because it might be used as evidence against him. The Beaumont Enterprise published a photo of young Mr. Bush in their story. [VDARE.COM note: So did Fox News.]

In this case, it's probably not a racial matter either. I suspect that Joshua Bush is impervious to head shots because he's an illegitimate son of George W. Bush.

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