Sam Dickson Writes On The Antifa Terrorist / Alleged "Legal Observer" Who's The Only Terrorist To Get Bail
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Re: SPLC Staff Attorney Charged with Domestic Terrorism in Antifa Assault on Cops

From: Sam Dickson [Email him]

The Antifa front group Defend Atlanta Forest say that lawyer Thomas Webb Jurgens was there in his capacity as a lawyer [NLG and SPLC Statements on Arrest of Legal Observer March 06, 202].

Jurgens is also a member of the National Lawyers Guild, an outfit widely regarded in olden times as in-house counsel for the Communist Party.

NLG provides lawyers at events like this cop car–torching ”protest” to monitor the situation and gather evidence against the police.

These NLG lawyers wear green caps to identify themselves.

See Michelle Malkin: Beware of Red-Diaper ”Legal Observers,” on, November 3, 2020.

The narrative already is that Jurgens is just an innocent lawyer who was there to provide protection from the police.

I have been trying to formulate a bite-size explanation of why this claim doesn’t fly.

The best I can come up with is this:

Lawyers are not allowed to become part of a client’s criminal enterprise.

A lawyer cannot advise the client on how to effectuate a forgery.  He can’t ride along in the visit to the businessman in which the mob will demand protection insurance.

Hovering around while terrorists are torching a police car and engaging in other such criminal conduct cannot be justified by a claim that one is acting as in-house counsel.

Sam Dickson (Email him) is a lawyer and activist.

James Fulford writes: This is obviously right—this is as if Bonnie and Clyde had a lawyer who was riding in the car with them to the bank.

Jurgens is the only one of these people to get bail, which may suggest that the judge is willing to buy this argument.

Judge denies bail to all suspects in ‘Cop City’ attack—except Southern Poverty Law Center lawyer

By Valerie Richardson, Washington Times, March 7, 2023 

Alternatively, Jurgens may have been bailable because he’s a white man with a job and house who lives in Georgia, whereas almost all the other accused are Antifa youth from all over the U.S... and France.

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