Sam Dickson Reports On A “Hate-Flyer” (I.E., Speech Suppression) Investigation In Miami
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From: Sam Dickson [Email him]

Here’s a report from CBS4 on "anti-Semitic" flyers being distributed—and investigated by the “authorities”: Anti-Semitic Flyers Also Found In Fort Lauderdale, North Miami, by Joel Waldman, January 25, 2022.

Note especially the closing remark, in video below, that the FBI and local law enforcement are investigating.

What is there to investigate?  Some American citizens exercised their freedom of speech guaranteed by the First Amendment by distributing some leaflets.

Is that a crime?

The FBI has pursued this squalid tactic ever since it was formed  way back in the 1920s.

They very publicly "investigate" perfectly lawful acts by dissidents who are touching the invisible fences.

This frightens most people into shutting up.

It also plants the idea in the "brains" of most people that saying or writing something "anti-Semitic" is somehow a criminal act.

Sam Dickson (Email him) is a lawyer and activist.


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