ResistingDefamation.Org's Bo Sears Comments On "Citizenism" vs. White Nationalism
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Re: "Citizenism vs. White Nationalism (II): Sailer Sums Up"

From: Bo Sears (e-mail him)

This is in response to suggestions in VDARE.COM that there is only one kind of movement seeking to recognize that whites and European Americans have interests that need a loud and legitimate voice independently of their citizenship status in the USA.

On the one hand, we have the White Nationalist (WN) Movement as defended in the VDARE.COM debate by Jared Taylor, and on the other hand, we have the European American (EA) Movement. These two movements represent a part of the range of possible responses to policies that discriminate against, defame, displace, and silence European Americans.

In general, the WN Movement seems to seek unity or solidarity among those in its identified demographics, while the EA Movement demands that the wonderfully rich diversity among European Americans be celebrated. Thus, the WN Movement would tend to support the idea that there is a white history, heritage, and culture, while the EA Movement would demand recognition of European American histories, heritages, and cultures in every possible arena and with considerable zest.

The WN Movement tends, in many of its manifestations, to be centered around the Other. This is a pattern within the WN Movement… to talk about issues using the names and labels given European Americans by the Other. Anyone who refers to himself or herself as a WASP, Gentile, non-Hispanic white, or Anglo is guilty of this logocentric displacement.

The distinctions between the movements may sometimes seem blurry, but there is another distinction that the EA Movement recognizes more than the WN Movement: the power of naming, labeling, and describing. EA Movement theory has elevated this power to a very high salience, and considers any naming of European Americans by anyone not European American to be an attempt to secure a supremacy position.

In support of this principle, the EA Movement reciprocates and refrains from naming, labeling, or describing any other demographic group.

Dealing with name-calling has been a big problem for whites and European Americans. Many WN Movement leaders have looked down on efforts to stop name-calling of European American children for reasons as various as (a) it would be claiming victim status, and whites just don't do that, or (b) it would be whining, or (c) tough it out, suck it up, and walk it off, or (d) the old "sticks & stones" rhyme.

But the EA Movement strongly believes that slurring is an act of naming, and that any act of naming is a claim to supremacy, and that we have to vividly and loudly reject all such claims to protect our children. Europeans were serfs, slaves, soldiers, and taxpayers in minority empires like those of the Turks, the Arabs, and the Mongols for hundreds of years—every effort must be made to undermine attacks on our children's decency and dignity, lest they capitulate to another 400 or 500 years of passivity, submission, and slavery.

European American children need to know how to talk and argue and defend themselves and their ancestors from the words and caricatures provided to them on the sidewalk and school bus, in the classroom, and throughout the entire dominant media culture and corporate entertainment culture. Without words, and ideas, our children are dead ducks in their claim to have the right to have a decent sense of self-respect.

Of course, ignoring this incredible problem, and endorsing an ideology of some kind of "Americanism" or "citizenism" or "constitutionalism" as Steve Sailer does, is just a way to sell European American children into a future of torment. Our European American children need a firm ideological and practical place in this brave new world.

Bo Sears is the founder of ResistingDefamation.Org

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