A Pennsylvania Reader Says Unstoppable Is A Trainload Of Cultural Marxism
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From: Scott in Pennsylvania [Email him]

Re: Anonymous Attorney's blog post Unstoppable Racial Revisionism

Unstoppable is perhaps Hollywood's greatest display of reverse "Bizarre World" racial profiling. Denzel Washington's noble leading role and a smooth talking, sophisticated, African American, female character[Rosario Dawson] spend the entire movie lecturing and admonishing fat, reprobate, white males. The closest thing to a respectable white hero is the Washington character's counterpart ... a young white male train "conductor", who got his job via family preference (I guess affirmative action was not an option) and is on probation for pulling a gun on a cop and stalking his wife. There's even a TSA-like agent/train safety expert whose race is oddly nebulous as if director dares not portray someone sophisticated and respectable as a white male.

On top of this being a laughably predictable and terrible movie... this film is a mind-numbing showcase of Cultural Marxism at work.

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