Professor Weissberg Says There Really Is A (White) Population Explosion in Battery Park
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From: Robert Weissberg [email him]

Re James Fulford's blog post Border Control, Not Birth Control, Would Help Manhattan Schools

I read James Fulford's post about New York City Schools Chancellor Cathie Black saying that local parents should practice birth control and that, in his opinion, she should have instead said we should close our borders.

He had it totally wrong and it is worth noting exactly why he has it wrong. Lower Manhattan (Battery Park) is my neighborhood and I know the local schools well. Nearly all the kids are whites (or Asian) from wealthy, probably high IQ families. And the schools are spotless, totally free of violence etc etc.

Kids are everywhere down here, and two and three children families are very popular. The reasons center on (a) great schools with off-the chart test scores (guess why) and (b) safety. We are a very isolated neighborhood and resemble a lily-white suburb. We also have great parks and everything an upscale parent could want, from cram academies to ballet schools.

When Battery Park was built in the 1980s, nobody anticipated that it would attract young couples who would endlessly multiply. But, given smart people, good public schools, personal safety and decent amenities, kids are now everywhere. No sooner do they build a school than it is over-crowded, they build another and it, too, is bursting at the seams.

I'm sure that this is what amazed Cathy Black—hordes of little white kids galore, IN NEW YORK CITY.

(Robert Weissberg is Professor of Political Science, Emeritus, University of Illinois, Urbana and currently Adjunct Professor of Politics (Graduate), New York University, and has written for on Affirmative Action and Madison, Wisconsin. (See Steve Sailer's review of Weissberg's Bad Students, Not Bad Schools))

James Fulford writes: While I'm glad to hear of the population explosion in Battery Park, my larger point about New York's school system remains. There would be lots of money for schools if they had only Americans to educate. Steve Sailer recently noted that

"With crime in New York City way, way down as African-Americans are economically cleansed, American-born whites are resurgent across much of the more desirable central part of the city, especially recolonizing some convenient neighborhoods in northern Manhattan and northern Brooklyn.

"Much of the Waiting for "Superman"-style frenzy over school reform has to do with NYC whites trying to figure out how they can take back the schools as well as the streets — all without ever coming out and articulating exactly what they are trying to do."

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