On Memorial Day: An Illinois Engineers Says Pray That Immigration Doesn't Spark Civil War
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From: Bob Johnson (e-mail him)

As the VDARE.COM family of readers, editors and contributors sit down for our gatherings on this Memorial Day, let's us remember our fallen soldier-heroes. 

But here's something more to ponder: Memorial Day's real origin.

My grandmother called it Decoration Day to honor the Civil War dead.   

Memorial Day was once about our very own internal conflict. Has immigration put us on the edge of another civil war?

President Barack Obama and his liberal Congress have turned a deaf ear to the public's wishes for an immigration moratorium.

The result is a head-to-head conflict that pits the government against the people. Arizona has struck a blow for its states' rights for control over immigration with S.B. 1070. Yet radicals strike back. [Protests Take on Arizona Law, by Gina Kim, Sacramento Bee, May 2, 2010]

Tea Parties that are determined to see pro-immigration candidates denied office are marginalized as right-wing kooks by the mainstream media.

The foundation for another major internal civil war, this one sparked by immigration, seems to build every day.

Let's take a moment during our Memorial Day to pray that it doesn't happen. 

Johnson contributes articles to a professional Internet newsletter. His previous letters to VDARE.COM about Joe Biden, the H-1B visa and football coaches who have them are here and here

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