A Mississippi Reader Says America Is "Private Property"—Keep Out!
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From: John Preston (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: Mexico's Immigration Thuggery Remains Intact

Imagine that a stranger jumps the fence in a gated community and wanders around aimlessly.

A resident would call the police to advise them that someone who is not authorized to be in the community is roaming about.

The cops would arrive, and then ask the interloper to identify himself. If the outsider can't offer a valid reason why he's on private property, the cops would escort him out.

The United States is exactly like a gated community. It belongs to those who are legal residents only. Aliens must be deported.

Preston's previous letters about the failed presidential candidacies of Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo and the alien-dominated Mississippi job market are here and here.

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