An Arizona Reader Exposes Flagstaff's Arizona Daily Sun
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04/30/06 - On Mayday, A New York Reader Says Let's Get Two Birds With One Stone

From: David Wilson Gregg [e-mail him]

Re: Hal Netkin's Saturday Letters: A California Reader Says Alien Boycott Is Much Ado About Nothing

First of all, thank you for your terrific and most needed efforts. I found the site from a friend. I hope to donate this summer. Please keep up the good work.

I sent this to the editor of my local Flagstaff paper, the Arizona Daily Sun the day of that God-awful, illegal alien march in Phoenix.

At the bottom is his response.

To the Editor:

"Just keep it up! I urge the anti-immigration reform masses to continue the waving of Mexican flags, chanting hateful slogans such as 'si se puede' and  'viva la raza'. Keep trying to convince the American public who love their country that you are yearning- to- be- free immigrants and not sprawling migrant workers here illegally expressing no respect for law or national sovereignty.

I hope and pray that the huge protests to follow as this weak Congress wallows in its own incompetence turn uncontrollably violent. Maybe then the actual criminals in this disgraceful treason, the so-called American employers and landlords who hire and shelter the illegal, will open their greedy myopic eyes.

True immigrants, past and present, love their new country where as the new migrant could not even describe the purpose of the Bill of Rights because they vehemently do not give a damn.

No racist college-punk group ( MEChA), no cowardly police chiefs who have conceded their offices' authority can deny the evil of what I see as a creeping sickness befallen our great land.  Men and women are dying every day across the globe as we who are in a moral stupor just sit and helplessly wait while Kennedy and McCain deal away our national identity to the granting of an emaciated form of amnesty to the arrogant, complaisant and ungrateful.

Just keep it up!"

Managing Editor Randy Wilson's reply:  [e-mail him]

"Save the vitriol for talk radio. We'll pass on this one."

Gregg is a journalist and former talk show radio host in Flagstaff

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