A Tennessee Reader Says Al Gore and John Kerry Would Have Been Worse Than Bush On Immigration
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From: James K. Polk

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Dubya—Worst President Ever and Immigration Is A Reason

I voted for Pat Buchanan in 2000 and Michael Peroutka in 2004. 

I don't understand how anyone could have voted for Al Gore or George Bush in 2000 when both of them supported mass immigration and rewarding illegal aliens with a path to citizenship. 

Likewise, I don't understand why anyone voted for John Kerry or Bush in 2004 when they obviously favor mass immigration and rewarding illegal aliens with a path to citizenship. 

Kerry was so pathetic on the issue that when Bush said in one of the 2004 debates that Kerry supported amnesty, Kerry didn't even deny it.

Bush has not been a good president and maybe he is one of the worst.  If withdrawal from Iraq is the most important issue, then he is worse than Kerry would have been. 

But if immigration is the most important criteria, as it is for me, Kerry would have been worse.

Kerry has supported every amnesty effort that has come to the Senate. 

To his credit, Bush has appointed judges that are far more likely at the district court and court of appeals level to rule against illegal aliens.

This from the San Francisco Chronicle about U.S. District Judge Maxine Chesney:

"A federal judge in San Francisco blocked the Bush administration Friday from imposing a rule requiring employers to fire workers identified as illegal immigrants in government records or face possible prosecution.

"Chesney granted a nationwide temporary restraining order sought by the AFL-CIO and affiliated unions to keep the government from sending letters to employers demanding that they clear up workers' citizenship status."

[Judge Stays Rule Requiring Employers To Fire Illegal Immigrants, By Bob Egelko, San Francisco Chronicle, September 1, 2007]

Chesney, like Judge James M. Munley who threw out the anti-illegal immigration ordinance in Hazelton, PA, is a liberal Democrat and a Clinton appointee

I have no use for Gore, Kerry or Bush.  The choice among them is for the least of the evils. 

Nevertheless, I'm glad Bush won both elections because he has to worry somewhat about his conservative base.  That may have restrained him to a small degree on immigration. 

Both Kerry and Gore, who lost Tennessee in 2004 because of his liberal leanings and pro-immigration stance, have only a liberal base to which to answer. 

For 2008, I support Tom Tancredo.

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