On Independence Day, A Michigan Reader Thanks VDARE.COM For "Saving The Country"
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07/02/08 - A Michigan Reader Says Not Even The Murder Of His Brother By An Immigrant Dampened Teddy Kennedy's Goal To Destroy America

From: Kathy Knechtges (e-mail her)

VDARE.COM is literally saving the country. The United States is falling apart. Our freedom and economic survival is at stake as government idiots give away our economy and through mass immigration make us vulnerable to lesser nations.

I am not exaggerating in the least. VDARE.COM is made up of patriots in the word's true sense. You are loved by so many.

You have real careers and are innovators instead of sheep concerned only about safe paychecks.

Breaking new ground is always harder than being a pencil pusher.

But when the VDARE.COM editorial collective and its contributors leave this world, they will know that they dedicated their souls to saving America.

Although I have a modest budget, I will contribute to your appeal as soon as I can.

Knechtges is a free-lance writer and homemaker.

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