Craig Nelsen Recounts His Own Adventure With The Daily Show
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02/03/11 - A South African Reader Appreciates's Concern

From: Craig Nelsen[Send him mail]

Re: Kevin MacDonald's Daily Show Adventure

Kevin MacDonald, who has written extensively on ethnic interests, in particular, Jewish ethnic interests, suspects his interview with Samantha Bee of Jon Stewart's The Daily Show didn't air because "the senior media honchos do not want discussions of race, White identity and interests, or Jewish influence in a way that gets outside the box of Political Correctness… The only exceptions are Archie Bunker types who can be easily skewered. I have no doubt whatever that, if I had come across…as a nut case, the interview would have been aired. "

My own experience with The Daily Show lends proof to Prof MacDonald's suspicion.

After George W. Bush's re-election in 2004, I received a call from someone at The Daily Show asking whether I'd like to be a guest. At the time, I was the director of a non-profit working to reduce immigration.  The show was going to get my take, I was told, on the emigration of all those people who'd promised to leave the United States if Bush were re-elected.

The person calling was either unaware, didn't remember, or didn't care that just a few years earlier The Daily Show had done a nasty bit on my organization after we'd made news with billboards advertising around New York City the impact of immigration on population growth. I never saw it, but I understand a picture of me with a Hitler mustache was involved.

I don't live in New York, anymore, I told the person calling. I live in DC. 

"No problem," he said.  "We'll buy you an airline ticket."

I told him I wasn't interested. 

"Well, do you have any followers (he actually said "followers") up here in the New York area who could do the interview?"

"Well, yes," I said.  "But I'll have to call him and get his permission to give you his name and number."

We hung up and I called someone with whom I'd worked on immigration issues several times in the past. I'll call him Alfredo Mendez. His real name is just as recognizably Latino. I told him what was up, then called the person from the show.

"I have someone for you," I said.

"Oh great.  "

"He works right there in Manhattan and can come over anytime today."

"Fantastic! I can't thank you enough. "

"Don't mention it. His name is Alfredo Mendez, and his number is 212 555 1212."

There was silence on the other end of the phone. "Mr. Nelsen, are you sure you couldn't come up and do the interview? We'll put you up in a great hotel."

I laughed. "No, still not interested. You'll have to find a different white guy to make fun of, bigot." And with that I hung up.

Craig Nelsen, founder of ProjectUSA, has written articles and letters for us before.

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