A South African Reader Appreciates VDARE.com's Concern
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02/02/11 - A California Reader Says That CPAC Conservatives Remind Him Of The Washington Generals

From: Lara Johnstone [Email her]

Re: James Fulford's Blog Item: Scenes From The Surrender In South Africa

Regarding the South African veteran James Fulford quoted as saying "Those of us who lived through it are bitter and angry when we remind ourselves that our sacrifice was apparently for nothing. Two decades later, no one remembers, nor cares!"

Not quite true…there are those who remember and do care, and are doing something, and who would welcome your bitter friends, to put their anger into constructive energy! See 'Conspiracy of Silence as David v. Goliath in Concourt: CCT #06-11 Blacklisted by SA Media' Email to SA Legal Fraternity drives SAPA to Action.[Why-We-Are-White-Refugees.Blogspot.Com]

Appreciate your concern…and hope to hear more in the future from our joint struggle.

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