Another Rubio Commenter Reports That The Senator Is Still Getting Comments, But They’re Being “Moderated”
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Re: James Fulford’s blog post Marco Rubio Versus The Internet–Let Him Know How He Can "Improve" Amnesty and Patrick Cleburne’s Rubio's Website Immigration Comment Fiasco: Proves He's Dumb

From: Another Anonymous Rubio Commenter [Email him]

Controlling the discourse, or Narrative as someone less charitable may term it, on the immigration debate is truly a thankless task. Sen. Rubio would appear to be finding this the case, at least. Especially when there is the pretense of maintaining the appearance of open debate at play.

Thus we find that the Senator is in a little pickle. When entering a comment on the Senator's website today, we are greeted with the following:

Top of Form

Your comment has been submitted.

This comment thread is moderated, your comment is currently awaiting approval.

Bottom of Form

Well, this is new. Perhaps the Senator is coming clean, as several (and I would venture many) have noted the apparent reluctance of the Senator's staff to publish all comments. I am relieved to know that the Senator henceforth will permit only "approved" comments regarding his proposed immigration bill. 

Has the Senator raised such hackles that comments must be scrubbed of profanity? Or must the comments be more insidiously scrubbed of any thoughtful critique that may lead readers to stray from the Narrative's reserve? 

Perhaps Rubio’s press secretary Alex Conant [email |Twitter] can elucidate. 

James Fulford writes: The comment thread, which was stalled at 147 for some time, is as of this writing up to 453. Since it’s moderated, that means there are more that haven’t been posted, and that each of these has been read by a staffer—your tax dollars at work, but it may do some good if Rubio gets the point that his Senate seat isn’t safe if he keeps on going.

Here are the top three comments, and you can see that the staffers haven’t bothered to run spellcheck:

Rubio Comment Thread:

 Laurie Hinckley

04/29/2013 04:25 PM

Taking 10 years to secure the border? A joke! Who is going to keep track of all this when the FBI can't keep a decent terrorist list? SInce when did we go as low as 11 million? You have NO IDEA how many are here & no one else does either! What genius came up with the idea that the illegals want to assimlilate into our culture whne most won't even learn to speak English? This whole thing is a joke and another attempt to buy votes that will go to the Dems anyway! Who are you kidding! Why don't you focus on all the waste, food stamps, welfare abuse & things that are hurting our economy! Great idea Marco, let's put another zillion people on the backs of the taxpayers with free health care! No wonder the public hates Congress!

Stephen Unangst

04/29/2013 04:23 PM

I could not find if this bill endorses the payment for college education at a reduced in state rate for all illegal or undocumented immigrants or aliens. This would be very troubling since my daughter has massive loans and had to pay out of state tuition rates as a US citizen. I could make the argument that we all are decendents of immigrants, hence my daughter is due a refund using your logic. I find this to be extremely offensive and wrong. If this issue is contained in this bill, I am against it as it is discimmitory.

Jackie Bastrop

04/29/2013 04:23 PM

I was so impressed with you when you first broke onto the national scene that I sent money to your campaign although I do not even live in Florida. Now I see you as already having been blinded by the bright light of being a senator. You in the shortest amount of time I have ever ever seen have become a go along to get a long. We need to SHUT OUR BORDERS from ALL illegals. This is not just a Hispanic problem. People from all over the world are sneaking in. Many with the hopes of killing Americans. This bill does precious little to close our border. Just gives it a wink and a nod. Any bill MUST start with a secure border.

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