A Michigan Reader Says It's All a Shame
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From: Raymond Golich

Re: Don Collins' Column: Australians Have a Brilliant Idea About Immigration's Cultural Effect: Stop It!

Thanks to Don Collins for his fine column on Australia and immigration.

I live in Dearborn, Michigan, the capital of the USA's Arab/Muslim community. I have seen what unchecked immigration does to a town when people with little interest or ability to assimilate arrive in droves.

As much as I am skeptical of Muslim immigration, I think we have the more urgent problem, at least in numbers, of mass illegal Hispanic immigration.

The Mexican invasion seems to be overwhelming us. We are already essentially a bilingual, bi-cultural society.

What a shame that lack of immigration law enforcement and failure to provide reasonable protections have made those of us on the side of modest levels of legal immigration out to be labeled racists and xenophobes.

What a shame that the hotel, restaurant and construction trades portend America's future.

It is all such a shame.

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