An Italian-American Reader Says Domenici's WISH Bill is Reprehensible
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From: Vincent Chiarello [e-mail him]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Domenici Disgraces Italian-Americans With WISH Bill

Sen. Domenici's attempt to legalize an illegal act smacks of the two characteristics Guzzardi mentions: he is in bed with the cheap labor lobby and, frankly, he's a jerk.

As a Californian, Guzzardi might know of Stephen R. Fox's Unknown Internment, an account of the Mickey Mouse attempt to relocate Italian-Americans during WWII. 

A friend, who teaches history in New York, believes that Joe DiMaggio's fame was a factor in convincing Franklin Delano Roosevelt that to do so was unnecessary.  And it was, for no ethnic group volunteered for the military during WWII in a greater proportion to their numbers than...well, you know who, the Italians.

But what Domenici does is to dishonor those who fought and bled—Marine Sgt. John Basilone (what a story!) and Capt. Dominic Gentile, amongst them—for this country. 

In all, 26 Italian-Americans have received the Medal of Honor

In short, for whatever reasons, economic, political or religious—I trust no religion on this issue including my own—Domenici is to me the most reprehensible, because he stains what I consider the outstanding record of those Italians immigrants, including my grandparents (one of whom was Enrico Caruso's barber) who came here legally.

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