Another Charlottesville Survivor Reports Being Menaced By Antifa Gunmen During The Riot
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 Re: Charlottesville Survivor’s article Unequal Justice In Fields Charlottesville Trial—And, Increasingly, Throughout The Left’s America

 From: J. R. Kipling [Email him]

I too was at Charlottesville. I drove down from the Eastern Short of Maryland early in the AM and arrived at Charlottesville at about 10 am expecting an all-day event. I could not find parking and ended up parking by the First Baptist Church. As I was walking toward the rally site, I met with our side marching single file out of the city and back down McIntyre Road toward McIntyre Park. I heard that the event had been cancelled. I had no idea of what had happened in the city. I had no knowledge of the ambush set up by the Left or the police intervention or the violence at the rally site.

I began greeting the retreating group saying extremely stupid things like “Thanks for coming” and “Come back soon.” I have video of our group as they marched out. They looked at me as if I was idiot ...which I was.  I then walked back to my car parked near the First Baptist Church park and tried to find my way out of the city. I was now in the same predicament as James Fields. I was lost in the maze of streets. More to the point. I was met with numerous roving groups of radical Leftists.

This is what I saw... a group of 5-10 people clad in combat fatigues wearing black T shirts with Che Guevara, etc. on them and holding Anarchist/ Communist flags. ALSO...some were carrying extremely real looking AR-15/AK-47 style weapons, something that’s been seen also in Arizona and Kansas City—these groups organize under names like the Kansas City Revolutionary Collective, Redneck Revolt, or John Brown Gun Club.[ note: the picture above was posted on Facebook by Dwayne Dixon , who said he used this gun to “chase off” James Fields.]

Have you heard of anyone reporting this? These groups were wandering across the road and had taken control of the streets. I had to weave through them to get out of the city. Because I had no knowledge of events, I thought they were random idiots playing dress up. I took no photos. As I drove through the crowd, they closed in around the car shouting “Fascist Pig, we will kill you!” and began banging on the car roof and hood.

Ihad no signs or anything to make them assume I was part of the rally. I was driving a non-descript vehicle. No Confederate flag, nothing. A friend experienced something similar, he attempted to give protestors rides back into the City to get back to their cars, the police stopped him and told him that city was “too dangerous” and that he could not count on their protection.

When I arrived at McIntyre Park someone listening to the radio announced that there had been a car crash, and someone killed inside the city.

This is the real environment surrounding the James Field event which the media completely left out. Having been there experienced the armed crowds, and the “hands off” attitude of the police toward the Communist/Anarchists I understand completely the panic that James Field was in when he was surrounded on the streets downtown. When I watch the car ramming video I ask, “If James Fields wanted to kill people why didn’t he run into the numerous crowds blocking the street with his car or drive up on the sidewalks?” Even in the video he does not drive up on the sidewalk. He rams into a car blocking his path. The car he struck lurched forward and struck and killed the girl who was hidden from sight and could not have been a deliberate target.

Knowing all this my opinion of what happened was that Mr. Fields was guilty of “reckless driving, involuntary manslaughter”. Nothing more.


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