More Defenses Of John Derbyshire - But Not On Google News
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I see Jared Taylor – who himself holds a suppression experience record of some type – has joined the defenders of John Derbyshire with Why Derbyshire Had to Go American Renaissance, April 7, 2012

John Derbyshire has now joined the roster of brilliant journalists who have been fired by publications that call themselves “conservative.” Mr. Derbyshire’s April 5 column for committed the usual crime of pointing out something that is not only true but that everyone knows to be true. He noted that blacks are on average less intelligent than whites, that many of them hate whites, and that when they gather in large numbers they can be dangerous.

Of course, anyone not a tourist from Iceland learns by about age 10 to avoid crowds of blacks, but it is considered “racist” actually to say so.

Taylor recalls the squalid recent history of National Review:

...National Review has a history of firing people who write honestly.

In the late 1990s, the magazine was saying sensible things about immigration, multiculturalism, and even race and IQ. It defended The Bell Curve, called for serious immigration reform and published Philippe Rushton. This was too much for the NR’s founder, William Buckley, who removed the two men most responsible for honesty. He forced out Editor John O’Sullivan in December 1997, and in February 1998 exiled Senior Editor Peter Brimelow

and moves on to note examples elsewhere culminating in the liquidation of Patrick Buchanan. He asks

When was a “liberal” ever fired for calling whites “the cancer of the human race” or demanding “the abolition of the white race”? It doesn’t happen. There is no such thing as “liberal” excess. You can say the vilest things about white people and be a hero.

Why is this?

His theory:

John Derbyshire… must be fired, silenced, and disgraced because everyone—from the mooncalves at Huffington Post to the “conservatives” at National Review—lives by the very rules Mr. Derbyshire put into print. I have no doubt at all that Rich Lowry avoids crowds of blacks, does not live in a black neighborhood, and would never send his children to a black school. He may babble racial moonshine to his children, but the real “talk” he gives them is exactly the one Mr. Derbyshire wrote about. Mr. Lowry’s real “talk” is the way he lives his life.


Occidental Dissent has returned to the fray too:

It goes without saying here that National Review is a faileocon magazine that isn’t worth the paper it is printed on. This was seen in spades during the Trayvon Martin shooting when Rich Lowry jumped on the MSNBC bandwagon and published a ridiculous essay called “Al Sharpton Is Right” that called for the arrest of George Zimmerman.
National Review publishes a stable of worthless, mediocre Beltway writers like Jonah Goldberg, Ramesh Ponnoru, and Kathryn Jean Lopez to represent conservatism who churn out nothing but unreadable garbage. The comments that have been posted on blogs and forums in reaction to “The Talk: The Nonblack Version” show that Rich Lowry and the clowns who write for his website do not represent the views of ordinary conservatives on this subject.

In his comments thread proprietor Hunter Wallace notes

The comments at American Thinker and Free Republic are almost 100 percent anti-Lowry.

This is refreshingly true – see here and here.

The refreshment is needed. As of this writing, all of the 68 Google News items on “John Derbyshire firing” are from leftwing outfits ululating with triumph, except for a handful of more or less bland news reports. Some of the Leftwing sources are quite obscure.

What a funny thing

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