Anonymous Attorney Writes About Little American Girls, And Other Forgotten Immivasion Victims
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From: Anonymous Attorney

The scene: Friday morning in a busy American courtroom, suburb of a major U.S. city.

The players: A state judge on the bench, a divorced father and his attorney at one table, and the divorced mother, by herself, at the other table.

The history: The divorced couple had entered into an agreement that their daughter would attend a certain local school.

The issue: The mother now wants to pull the daughter out of the school and enroll her elsewhere.

The mother nervously approaches the judge to make her pitch. Hands shaking and voice quavering, she explains that the girl is suffering terribly at this school because of the foreign environment. "Nobody there even speaks English, your honor," the woman explains, hastening to add that "I don't mean that in a prejudiced way at all. I'm not prejudiced. But it's just a different culture, and my daughter is being destroyed as a person. She's not herself anymore, acting in ways she never used to. She's wetting herself."

The judge listened carefully and replied that he couldn't decide the issue today because of an upcoming hearing in the same case. The mother protested that school—and her daughter's return to the torture chamber—was about to start. Sorry again, the judge said: nothing I can do right now.

The mother ran from the courtroom, her face twisted in tears.

But I'm sure that with a little coaching, this woman could come to accept that watching your child lose her mind, control of her bodily functions and the happy American childhood that is her birthright is but a growing pain as we grope toward Manifest Diversity.

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