A Reader Explains What Immigration Has Done To His Town
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From: Larry Thompson

I would like to invite El Presidente Jorge La Bushista to my little bitty pueblo in La Socialista Republica De Norte California so he could appreciate all these "jobs that Americans aren't doing" that Americans are not now doing because a lot of Americans have had to leave because wages have fallen through the floor and the cost to rent or buy a casa has gone through the roof due to overcrowding.

Our pueblo's employment has always been based on la touristas (skiing, fishing, hunting & sight seeing) and the government (BLM, USFS, City of L.A. DWP, CalTrans, City & County) so as you can imagine, we have a very limited economic base and hence a rather restricted financial demography. Approximately 99% of our county is "owned" by Federal Agencies or the City of Los Angeles so our property tax base is very limited. Manufacturing is basically non-existent so those jobs do not exist. Natural resource extraction/use is highly restricted so those jobs are very rare. Ranching/farming exists but has never paid well. The limited construction industry had always been the best hope for non-government employees to make a lower-middleclass living—that has changed though. Our kids used to be able to get jobs in all the fast food joints in order to buy their first car and learn the "work ethic". Both mom and dad had to work in our little bitty pueblo unless you were a government employee or a high end business owner.

To make a long story short.......things fell apart about 17 years ago when the illegal Mexicans "discovered" our pueblo. Our sheriffs department quit calling INS in 1992 because INS wouldn't come get them. Our little bitty court system has hired six  fulltime Mexican interpreters. Our school districts are hiring Mexican aides. Our school districts have forced our teachers to learn Mexican or be fired. Half of classes are taught in Mexican. You can't get a "burger the way you want it" unless you speak Mexican. Construction jobs have gone from $22 per hour down to $12. Our one high school has a "no go area" for gringos. Methamphetamine has exploded. Heroin is being found. Gang graffiti is common. Parts of my town are no different than Tijuana. Yup, "family values don't stop at the Rio Grande". The La Bushista is insisting on making my little bitty town no different than the entirely violent, corrupt "family values" of mexico.

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