Alienation And Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome
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Brenda Walker did an article fairly recently called Diversity Is Strength! It's Also...Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome. She also wrote about the effects of alienation in the Kurdish gangs of Nashville. Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome is what we seem to be looking at in the Abdulaziz Ibrahim case below.

Armed with a handgun, Ibrahim allegedly also shot three other relatives there, including his son who later died at a hospital and the 3-year-old grandson who was hospitalized Monday. "They were a loving family," Weiters said. "This is unbelievable. We think he was sick. He must have been."

Police said Ibrahim, 52, shot three people to death: his son, Mohammad Ibrahim, 28; the younger Ibrahim's wife, Luna Tesfaye, 24; and another daughter-in-law, Hana Yusuf, 26. Police said he also wounded two others before killing himself.

Three-year-old Amir Abdulhakim was in stable condition at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston. He is the son of Yusuf and Yusef Ibrahim, 27, another son of the alleged shooter, who was in stable condition at Grady, Atlanta police spokesman Eric Schwartz said.

Neighbors and friends said the victims belonged to an extended family that had immigrated more than 10 years ago from the Oromo region of Ethiopia, a predominantly Muslim center of dissent against that country's rulers. [MyFox Atlanta | 4 dead, 2 Wounded in Shootings at Southwest Atlanta Home]

One thing that's overlooked is how bad things are in the countries refugees come from, and how insane they may have been driven by their experiences. When a reader wrote about Somali refugees possibly coming to her home town, we noted that Somalia has , according to a Somalian who lives there, a great many mentally disturbed people walking the streets of all their towns.

We have as yet no statistics on the extent of the problem, but it is undeniably prevalent. Whether you live in Berbera, Hargeisa, Burao or Borama, you come across them every day. In fact you live in fear of them. They are mainly men, many of them in the prime of life, and often armed with knives, swords or heavy rocks.

Then there was Abu Kassim Jeilani, who was killed accidentally when

"Police confronted him after he was seen walking on Franklin carrying a machete and a crowbar. He had been hospitalized recently for mental illness."

He was in the same state as the men in Berbera and Hargeisa,with their knives, swords and heavy rocks, but he died in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the authorities can't be expected to let madmen wander around with machetes and crowbars.[Minneapolis police, Somalis seek truce, Terry Collins, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Mar 21, 2002] Perhaps he'd still be alive if he'd been able to stay home, and perhaps Abdulaziz Ibrahim wouldn't have snapped and killed himself and three members of his family if he'd been at home in Ethiopia. Who knows?What we do know is a lot of Americans would be a lot safer if mass Third Word immigration was halted.

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