An Oregon Reader Says Latin American Revolutionaries Are Organizing In Local Union Hall
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From: [Name Withheld]

Our local carpenters meeting hall has now hosted a meeting of the PCASC ­­— Portland Central America Solidarity Committee. It was replete with ten large color posters of Hugo Chavez, two spokespersons from the Freedom Socialist Party, assorted video clips of Venezuela and Colombia networking efforts, $5-a-plate rice and beans dinner plus other fundraising efforts.

Even as Mr. Chavez threatens to nationalize industries owned by American investors, including many pension funds, the PCASC praised the "Bolivarian Revolution" including the burgeoning "migrant labor community" and its "rights." 

No doubt Hugo Chavez and companeros would not tolerate informal, unauthorized penetration of their own countries. But we, frequently jobless, Americans are suppose to welcome this "migrant community" with open arms and wallets, too.

Eventually we will bow to our Venezuelan and other radical Third World masters!

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