An Arizona Reader Is Having An UnMerry Christmas In Occupied America
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12/07/06 - An Oregon Reader Says Latin American Revolutionaries Are Organizing In Local Union Hall

From: Patrick "Tom" Hallinan (email him)

I work my ass off to pay for medical bills and prescriptions, taxes, Social Security, and Medicaid, with a little (very little) left over for the necessities of life. I can't even think about buying a Christmas gift for my Mom, so I'll try to make her something (again). I shop at Wal-Mart in Cottonwood, Arizona. So do hundreds of illegal residents of the Verde Valley. I see their full carts of food and all the little Mexican smiles on their faces (young and old) as the illegal mother swipes her D.E.S. card to pay for the holiday meals, and scrumptious treats for the clan. The male members are there with their wads of cash buying up the holiday cheer, carts full of toys, tequila and beer. All I can do is shake, and shudder, hope I have enough money for my food, medicine and doctor's appointment tomorrow, and scream out in the Wal-Mart parking lot: Merry Christmas America! There is something very wrong here!

Happy Holidays to all that are working to right this wrong.

Peter Brimelow writes: We prefer Merry Christmas. But we're not going to quibble in the face of this heartbreaking cry from Middle America, one of all too many we receive.

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