A New York Reader Notes That Hardworking Mississippians Are "Not Yet Swayed" By Pro-Immigration Hogwash
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From: Adam Washington (e-mail him)

I noticed one amusing (and heartening) aspect of the recent large immigration raid in Mississippi.

From a news story:

"One worker caught in Monday's sweep at the Howard Industries transformer plant said fellow workers applauded as immigrants were taken into custody. Federal officials said a tip from a union member prompted them to start investigating several years ago." [Nearly 500 Detained in Immigration Raid,  Associated Press, August 27, 2008]

Naturally, the AP tried to portray this as heartless gloating by American workers.

The truth however is that elite attempts at one-world globalist brainwashing have not yet swayed the hardworking folks in the heartland who have been watching helplessly as their wages, jobs, and country are stolen from them. 

And despite the cynical treason of corrupt unions like the SEIU and AFL-CIO, American citizens aren't about to stop trying to defend their livelihoods. 

Who knows how many more Americans would be applauding if the MSM accurately reported the unvarnished truth about immigration?

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