A Suburban Illinois Reader Writes On Rubio, The Gang Of Eight, And NR
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From: A Suburban Illinois Reader [Email him]

I was listening to Mark Levin on February 24, and he read an article at NR by John Fonte breaking down Rubios’s support for the Gang Of Eight amnesty bill. [Marco Rubio’s Immigration Dilemma , by John Fonte February 24, 2016] This bill was so bad that in effect, it would eliminate all immigration laws.

Levin spent the first hour and fifteen minutes blasting Rubio for lying about his immigration record and his full blown support for the gang of eight.

If I understood Levin right, Fonte worked in the Reagan administration. But what’s really interesting is: how did this article get past the editors at NR?

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James Fulford writes: NR has been known to allow a limited amount of dissent, but it's clear that that as between Rubio and Trump, they support Rubio.

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