A Reader Thinks We Stole Athena Kerry's Picture From Russian Mail-Order Bride Site
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09/06/06 - A Texas Reader Gives The Denver Public Library A Piece Of Her Mind

From:  Michael Kenny [e-mail him]

Re: Athena Kerry's Column: God And Girl At Catholic College

So "Athena Kerry" rides again! Still spewing the usual anti-Catholic hate and venom, something, of course, that no Catholic who remained within the Church would do, most especially a conservative one. Indeed, few lapsed Catholics would do it either.

What amuses me is the extraordinary care that is taken to avoid providing any detail whatsoever which would allow the "university" to be identified.

Even Kerry's e-mail address is curious. Gmail is Google and no corporate or university e-mail system would be on it. The Gmail account is thus private account of "AK", but the name is intended to induce unthinking readers into the belief that she has a university address. As a private e-mail address, "student147" is an obvious attempt to conceal and mislead. Your normal 18-22 year-old university student wouldn't even think of doing anything that devious.

Terrorists do things like that, not conservative Catholics!

By the way, if VDARE.COM is interested in the use of phony pictures on the Internet, follow up your Russian marriage scams. No doubt this "picture" came from some phony mail order bride site.

Athena Kerry replies:

Kenny is right in saying that my email is generic. But, come on Michael, don't sell me short. That really was my idea, and I really am 22. Even my generation has self-preservation instincts, you know.

Joe Guzzardi comments:

How did Kenny, whose previous letter doubting Kerry's existence is here, become so interested in Russian mail-order brides? He can't claim VDARE.COM didn't warn him.

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