An Ohio Doctor Predicts A Third World Health Care System—Only Rich (And Illegal Aliens) Get The Best
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From:  Tim Mount, M.D. [e-mail him]

I just returned from Phoenix AZ where I was consulting with a large group practice that cares for hemodialysis (kidney failure) patients.

Part of our discussion was the ever-increasing numbers of illegal immigrant patients coming to Arizona seeking this costly treatment.

Arizona and California both have programs that will pay for hemodialysis for anyone who needs it. No doubt Texas has a similar program.

Considering that costs at least $250,000 a year to treat kidney failure and even more for "noncompliant" patients who need home care, I fully understand why our health insurance premiums are soaring.

Since they have no options in their native country, people from all over the world—not just Mexico—come to the US seeking kidney treatment.

For nephrologists, it is a windfall profit since they have an ever-increasing patient-base to treat. But for the average family trying to cover health insurance costs it is a nightmare.

I marvel at the federal regulations that dictate doctors ration care to American citizens when the illegal immigrants are given carte blanche for whatever they need.

We moving to a Third World health care environment where only the upper middle class receives the best.

I expect to see more private hospitals cater to the wealthy only. For the rest—it will be, as David Pittman, another VDARE.COM reader predicted, worse than Civil War battlefield medicine.

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