An LAUSD Teacher Recounts Tales From The Front Lines
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Re: Brenda Walker’s Los Angeles Public School Food Waste: $100,000 per Day

From: An Anonymous Los Angeles Teacher [Email Him]

I taught at an LAUSD high school in South Central Los Angeles for over 20 years. Our students, virtually all of whom had free breakfast and lunch, were more creative than ones the LA Times described.[Solutions sought to reduce food waste at schools, By Teresa Watanabe, Los Angeles Times, April 1, 2014]

At lunch, especially, the 3000 students had horrendous food fights daily, creating a mess that took a team of a dozen or so janitors to clean up.

A favorite breakfast for many was a big box of French Fries smothered in ketchup. Drop-out rate exceeded 70%.  Most graduates didn't find jobs, could not fill out job application forms without help, or read the LA Times.

Another favorite story: I taught AP physics and AP Chemistry for years. One AP physics Hispanic illegal immigrant student, who had been admitted to UCLA on a 100% scholarship (no contribution from him or illegal parents), asked me for help with his US History class.

He said "I don't know sh*t about America. I am a f*cking Mexican. You gotta help me." You have to appreciate their gratitude.

I told my students "You are the future. That's why I am leaving the country." I retired.

My wife and I tried to emigrate to Singapore. No dice. They don't want retirees unless you are rich. I'm stuck in a gay central neighborhood in diverse Long Beach, a stranger in the homeland of my birth

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