A Reader Notes "American" Muslims Are Turning Against Bombing
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From:  [Name withheld]

This article comes from the LA Times.

The gist of it is that American Muslims only supported the war (up 'til now) to curry  favor with Bush and to avoid public reaction against Muslims.  That is, they lied.  Now, however, the lie is unraveling as the nascent "Muslims First" attitude is sweeping the Muslim communities in the US.  A poll conducted by Muslims among their brethren showed nearly 75% against the war. Many Muslim orgs are calling for Muslims worldwide to unite against the war (i.e., the US).  Yet another blatantly predictable result of  excessive "alien culture" immigration.  (Click here to view...)

The site cited for the poll of "75% against" mentioned above is here:  http://www.islamicity.com/

It contains many interesting articles. Here is one entitled "Of course it's a war on Islam" from the Guardian and plucked from the above Islamic site.

October 20, 2001

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