Post 9/11, A Catholic Reader Wonders About His Bishops
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From:  Roger Lucheta

In the wake of the September 11 attacks, much attention has been given to the Islamic clerics who have purportedly declared "holy war" on America. But there is another group of clerics, right here in the United States, whose hands are red with the blood of the innocents of the World Trade Center. That group of clerics is the bishops of the Catholic Church in America. 

As a Catholic born and practicing—as a patriotic American and military veteran whose mother and father were Catholic immigrants —as one who grew up Catholic in the South of 60 years ago—I view with disgust the way in which these bishops have hidden behind their clerical robes while making every effort to destroy the physical and cultural integrity of the United States and support the invasion of America by illegal immigration. The elimination of lawful immigration control, spearheaded and encouraged by these Catholic bishops, provided the environment within which the terrorists were able to operate in the USA and to wreak their havoc. One of the central tenets of Catholicism is responsibility before God and man for one's conscious acts; the bishops must be held accountable for their treason and lawlessness. It is a crime to aid and abet illegal immigration; it is a crime to aid and abet terrorism; and the First Amendment protections of freedom of religion must not be used as a shield behind which this most blatant treason is protected.

My generation of Catholics was challenged to prove that we were loyal to America; we suffered the humiliation of seeing John F. Kennedy have to defend the faith of our fathers to the hate-filled Baptist clergy of Texas; we gloried in Father Sampson's service as the "paratrooper padre" of the 101st Airborne and in Father Watters' Medal of Honor; and we felt that we had proven our loyalty and patriotism in peace and in war.

The bishops have undone this; in their unbridled lust for political power and financial contributions from business they have taken our Mother, the Church, and turned her into "Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots"— prostituting her and their priestly vows so that Republican businessmen might have cheap immigrant labor and the Democratic party have votes. The time is long past that we who are loyal Catholics and loyal Americans demand that our Church stop promoting the illegal invasion of America, within which terrorists can hide. The bishops must stop their support for "hiring halls" where illegal immigrants, continued residency in the USA is facilitated, and their push for "regularisation" of these criminals. And the enforcement of the laws must not be withheld from those, regardless of clerical status, who treasonably abet this illegal invasion of America and the lawlessness it entails.

October 06, 2001

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