A Progressive Reader Wonders If Photo ID Is Part Of A Plot To Establish A Republican One-Party State
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Re: Allan Wall’s article Memo From Middle America (Formerly Known As Memo From Mexico) | Photo ID For Voters—How Come It’s OK For Mexico?

From: Brad Roon [Email him]

Of course there is nothing wrong with Photo ID per se. I suspect most people’s objections stem from the timing and the almost secrecy of the process, as in Wisconsin.

It simply looks like an effort to disenfranchise voters of the liberal stripe, since it will undoubtedly affect the Democratic Party more adversely. When you couple this with the assault on unions who vote and donate primarily Democratic, and the  tort reform assault which will affect the lawyers who primarily vote and donate Democratic, it surely looks like a Republican duck.

A duck with an intent to make this effectively a One-Party nation. That is horrible, unpatriotic, un-Constitutional, unhealthy, evil, and some other adjectives one may bother to hunt up.

Don't get me wrong. I think that, except for the very exceptional candidate like perhaps Elizabeth Warren, NEITHER party deserves even one vote. The mess we are in is caused by collaborators in Congress and government selling our public weal to the wealthy. It looks like an attempt to install a patronage system to prevent upward mobility and to further increase the wealth and control of the wealthy. This is best accomplished by, not only disenfranchisement, but the loss of private property rights or ability to acquire such. Tom DeWeese has an excellent article on this recently on News with Views.

I personally go Big Picture. The United States is in actuality a series of thoughts to which we agree to follow. These principles are laid out in the Constitution of the United States of America. If we make laws, regulations, or rulings which diminish the freedoms and ignore those principles, we are literally attacking and destroying America as envisioned and designed by the Founding Fathers. If we support it, we are patriotic. In these terms the most patriotic people around may well be (many or most of) OCCUPY.,

They are more patriotic than the soldiers who are making a greater sacrifice in the Middle East in that those people are fighting for the economic benefit of the Wall St magnates, who are psychopaths. (Pretty well proven: Is Your Boss a Psychopath?  By Alan Deutschman, July 1, 2005 )

Anyway just wanted to say a perspective you likely have heard, but if not…

James ,Fulford writes: I personally go Little Picture. The United States is not, in actuality, a series of thoughts, it is a people—the American nation. Mass immigration will change the character of that people, which will make for a one-party Democratic state.(We call it "Electing A New People.")

Photo ID for voting may cause problems for people too poor to afford the typical $25 fee to replace a driver’s license. But these problems can’t be insuperable, since everyone in Mexico has these ID cards, and many of them are poorer than anyone in America.

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