A Reader Says That VDARE.COM And James Edwards Fill Different Niches
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From: James Catron [Send him mail]

Re: James Edwards' Racism Schmacism—Combating PC Newspeak By Steve Sailer

I am a great fan of Steve Sailer's work and deeply admire his talents. But while giving James Edwards' book a favorable review, Sailer accuses him of avoiding tough issues such as the genetics of IQ and of being less polished than Jared Taylor. 

But Edwards is aiming at a different target than VDARE.COM and Taylor.

I frequently send Sailer's columns to friends who are smart and conservative, but lack Masters or Doctorates. While I love Sailer's work, it bores them.  But Edwards wakes them up.

Cut Edwards a little more slack. You have different audiences.

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