An Indiana Reader Reports A Conversation With A Refugee Coordinator
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Re: James Fulford’s blog item Call Your “State Refugee Coordinator” And Ask How Many Phony Refugees From The Southwest Border Are Coming To YOUR State!

An Anonymous Indiana Reader [Email him]

I had a lengthy phone conversation with Matthew Schomburg, [Email him] the Indiana State refugee coordinator.

He said that there very likely will be some of these illegal children coming to Indiana.

He was not certain as to how soon this would be happening or how many would be coming.

He said that Federal tax money would be used to pay for this and that it would drain the money already appropriated to Indiana for legal refugees.

He self-identified as a conservative and said he was against this plan but had no control over whether or not it would happen.

He suggested contacting our Congressman and Senator.

He was very forthcoming in his conversation with me and we spoke for nearly 12 minutes.

James Fulford writes: I received several letters like this.

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