An Indian Reader Sends Hate Mail To The Late David Yeagley
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Re: Allan Wall's article Memo From Middle America: My Time With David Yeagley—Comanche Warrior, American Patriot

From: Lady Shadetree [Email her]

Any Indian who believes they have to "respect their conqueror" is a pathetic, self-hating Uncle Tom traitor. There was nothing brave or noble about Europeans' genocide of Native Americans. Nothing.

David Yeagley was a wannabe Ann Coulter in brownface. He'd say any outrageous thing for attention. It's obvious his hateful words came from internalized racism and the conflict of being a "half-breed" in a white man's world. It's as ridiculous as a black man joining the KKK.

James Fulford writes: For years (since 2004, at least) I've been saying that members of racial minorities who are accused of self-hating for refusing to toe the left-wing line (Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, Ward Connerly) should simply look the critics in the eye and say, “I don't hate me. I hate you.” Sadly, David Yeagley is no longer around to do that.

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