An American Military Reader Says Rush Limbaugh Is Not On The Cruz Bandwagon
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Re: Washington Watcher’s article Don’t Let Chis Christie’s Tough Guy Act Fool You—He’s Terrible On Immigration And Protecting American Workers

An American Military Reader [Email him]

I enjoyed Washington Watcher’s recent piece on But I believe you are mistaken in writing that Limbaugh has “all but endorsed Cruz”. I'm on leave so I have an opportunity to listen to Rush Limbaugh on a pretty regular basis. He seems quite intrigued by Trump's candidacy and not critical in the least. I believe Limbaugh chastised Trump a while ago (I wasn't listening at the time) for attacking Cruz using Leftist talking points, which was only wise counsel. And Trump seems to have heeded Limbaugh’s advice.

The other two he mentions, Hannity and Levin, can do as they like. I can't even stand the sound of their voices let alone the content of their opinions.

I'm a two issue voter and I wrote Christie off years ago on guns.[ note: See Chris Christie’s Faking It on Gun Rights, Daily Beast, July 10, 2014 and Christie's lies about his gun record are just a click away New Jersey Star-Ledger Editorial Board, July 29, 2015—two media organizations that support gun control say that Christie does, too. ]

It doesn't surprise me in the least that he's weak on immigration as well.

I like Washington Watcher’s work. I just want to register that one quibble regarding Limbaugh.

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