An Indian Immigrant Comments on Libertarianism and Immigration...
February 12, 2001, 04:00 AM
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From:  "Indian Immigrant"

As an engineer, I agree with the principle that we should push the boundary of any theory to test its "asymptotic behaviour". And applying that, Randall Parker`s hypothesis is very realistic. As evidence, consider my experience: I was visiting India in 1986 and was shocked to see a mob of Muslim protesters burn down a newspaper press (Deccan Herald of Bangalore) for supposedly publishing a (fictional) short story that "hurt" some peoples` "religious" sentiments. Very  recently, in Pakistan, a well established newspaper, Frontier Post, was attacked and burned down (and the paper had to close down, for good I suppose) for innocently publishing a Letter to Editor that "hurt Muslim sentiment" - and not a word of protest from anyone about freedom of speech!

February 12, 2001