:  A Historic Admission by Village Voice: Immigrants take Jobs...
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Did you know The Village Voice has admitted that immigrants take American jobs?

"When they look south, they see what they imagine to be the rich Jews, rich elites, multicultural-pushing globalist elites," Potok says. And, though scantly recognized by the national media, he says, a frustrated white underclass is rapidly growing in America, as decent-paying jobs increasingly go to better-educated immigrants or are made obsolete by technology. "We can go on until the cows come home about low unemployment. The starker reality is, a guy who was making $60,000 as a welder is now lucky to make $15,000 managing a fast-food restaurant," says Potok, who wasn't surprised by the cultural divide between urban and rural Americans revealed by the November 7 election. "The fact is, the radical right has plainly described that split for many, many years, and they're not wrong."

SOURCE: http://www.villagevoice.com/issues/0047/ladd.shtml

February 10, 2001

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