An Indian-American Reader Reminds Us That Highly-Educated Immigrants May Not Be Beneficial If What They’re Highly-Educated In Is “Social Work” Or “Activism”
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Re: Brenda Walker’s Census: Over Half of Asians in US Have College Degrees; Mexicans Only 9.1 Percent

From: "An Indian-American Reader" [Email him]

This census data is not very revealing since BS degrees are awarded in many disciplines.[ note:  Here, BS does not mean Bachelor of Science.] I would be more interested in knowing the percentages in Science & Engineering degrees.

My recurrent fear is that many of these ethnic groups might be getting most of their BS degrees in social sciences (social work, engineering  diversity, psychology...) which are a net negative on economy and society. These BS degrees suck trillions in middle class blood and sweat, indoctrinate and convert these groups into militant ethnic grievance lobbies, and might even make them hostile/non-performing employees compared to high school diploma holders.

You desperately need a separate table listing all these groups by hard sciences and engineering, and other high IQ disciplines including Linguistics, Architecture/Urban Planning. Please think about it.

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James Fulford writes: I see your point, but it’s more of an education policy than an immigration point. Some high IQ immigrants will do negative rent-seeking things; some will do positive technical or business things. (Maybe couple of them will invent another Google.)The low IQ poor will remain poor. They don’t have to “rent-seek”—we’re going to be subsidizing them automatically until we can no longer afford to do so.

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