A Comic Book Villain Writes To Criticize Amelia Earhart
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Re: Amelia Earhart's Legally Blonde In An Affirmative Action World

From: “Vandal Savage” [Email him]

Amelia Earhart could have gotten into law school on “diversity” for being a WOMAN. Many white male owned companies transfer 51% ownership to their wives to take advantage of the government project opportunities.

White MALES are cast as "evil," true enough, but white FEMALES are NOT thrown into that lot as she is trying to claim. Amelia Earhart knows it, and I know it...But anything to get the ignorant readers stirred up right?

James Fulford writes: Well, no, you can’t get into law school on diversity just by being female—at the moment almost half of all law students are female. They don’t become partners that much, because they don’t work as hard, but there’s now no quota in law school admissions for females.

And the government watches closely for fraud in the “woman-owned business” racket. If you want to be a certified woman-owned business, as Tama Starr noted in Reason in 2004, you will be visited by a government investigator looking, as she put it, for “uncles and brothers hiding under the desk.” [Confessions of a "Woman-Owned Business" Owner, July 2004]

However, my main reson for posting this is that I’m fascinated that we got a letter addressed to the Legally Blonde Amelia Earhart from a guy named “Vandal Savage.”

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