A Reader Points To Sharon Stone’s Alleged Anti-Immigrant Bias Against Her Children’s’ Nanny As An Example Of Liberal Hypocrisy
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Sharon Stone, Cannes 2005From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

Sharon Stone is being sued by her children’s Filipino nanny, who claims both ethnic and religious prejudice—the nanny is a Christian.

There is a hidden irony in all of this. First, I think it is a bogus lawsuit. If this nanny is really so religious, why is she suing her former employer? Didn't Christ Himself say to settle matters quickly with our adversaries (Mathew 5:25) and something about turning the other cheek and handing over your tunic to the one who robbed you (Luke 6:29). I think that this woman is just trying to get money from her wealthy former employer.

On the other hand, I would not be at all surprised if Mrs. Stone did say any of the things she is accused of saying. I know nothing about Mrs. Stone except that she has no morals. But I am guessing that she identifies herself as a "liberal" (I use quotation marks because it is a loaded word, but I think you know what I mean).

I know a few "liberals" who are convinced of white superiority. And this should come as no surprise because white "liberals" who believe that nonwhites are greatly deprived unless they are included in our cultural institutions (i.e., desegregation, inclusiveness, etc) must presume the superiority of the white man's civilization.

The irony in this story is that, at least in this instance, the racial sensitivity created by all of the inclusiveness propaganda throughout the "liberal"-dominated cultural institutions is starting to come back and bite the "liberals" themselves.

Keep up the good fight.

James Fulford writes: Sharon Stone is a Tibetan Buddhist (that is, a convert to Tibetan Buddhism—ethnically, she seems to be Anglo) and may object to Bible-reading on that basis. But she may have a point about the children learning to talk from a non-English speaking childcare provider.

The answer is either to pay First World wages to an English-speaking nanny, something Ms. Stone seems disinclined to do, or raise your children yourself.

All these stories are illustrated by pictures of Ms. Stone, not the nanny, because why not? The above picture is from Cannes in 2005.

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