An Illinois Reader Wants The Truth To Be Told About Elvira Arellano
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08/19/07 - Readers React To Virginia Dare

From: Mike Mozart

Re: Dave Gorak's Blog: "Church Lady Deported to Tiajuana"

Before Arellano was arrested, she was held up as an example of a "poor, suffering" illegal alien

Now that's she's in Tijuana, the snow job about her is coming fast and furious. Arellano is being held up by open borders types as a saint and a woman whose child suffers because of our so-called unfair immigration laws.

Let's set the record straight

Arellano isn't suffering. She's not a saint or the new Rosa Parks or Winnie Mandela as Jesse Jackson's wife Jackie called her.

Instead, Arellano is criminal— spoiled brat working for her own benefit and a bad example for everyone.

Arellano illegally entered the U.S. twice. By committing Social Security fraud and a stolen identity, she took a job meant for American citizens.

If Arellano wants to become an American citizen so badly, let her return to Mexico and stand in line like everyone else that obeys the law. While Arellano is waiting, she can learn English. Since she lived in the U.S. for ten years, she should have a good head start.

By returning to Mexico, Arellano would show her son that she respects the law. At the same time, she'd allow him to be a child again instead of a pawn in an ugly pro-illegal alien sideshow.

Mozart lives in what he describes as "the Democratic-controlled sanctuary city of Chicago." He is a Minuteman and, with others, protested in front of Arellano's hide-out."

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