A Canadian Reader Wonders Why Joe Guzzardi Considers All G.O.P. Candidates To Be "Sad-Sack"—What About Ron Paul?
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From: Wayne Goodfellow, PhD (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Blog: Presidential Debate, Without Mention Of Immigration, A Real Snore!

With all due respect to Guzzardi, he is dead wrong with regard to the quality of the candidate who will lead the Republican Party into the 2008 election.

Ron Paul is far from what Guzzardi describes as an  "… equally sorry contender from the Republican side."

Guzzardi continues: "The good news for the Democrats–but not for Americans– is that whoever emerges from among these sad-sack candidates will face an equally sorry contender from the Republican side."

What about Paul? America is very fortunate to have a candidate of Paul's caliber standing as he does for individual liberty and freedom, limited government of, for and by the people, respect for the Constitution and a commitment to the Founding Fathers values.

Paul promises to seal the borders and deport the 15-20 million illegal aliens currently in the U.S. 

As I see it, Paul not only has the right policies but also is a man of rare honesty, forthrightness, and basic decency.

I would have thought that Paul's platform would garner VDARE.COM's support.

Apparently I am wrong since there has been little written about Paul on your webzine.

Has VDARE.COM joined with the controlled press (better known as the MSM) by not backing a candidate that embodies most of the policies on illegal immigration it advocates?

Unless VDARE.COM comes to its senses, it will be left behind by the growing popular movement behind Paul that has the potential to shake the U.S. and Western World to its foundations.

Goodfellow is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Ottawa and a senior research scientist at Natural Resources Canada, a department of the federal government. Read his other letters here.

Joe Guzzardi replies: Dr. Goodfellow is completely correct in his observation that my blog inferred that Paul would not get the Republican nomination. My comment regarding "sad-sack candidates" referred to Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and the other front-runners. In no way do I include either Paul or Congressman Tom Tancredo in that group.

VDARE.COM does not take positions on elections or endorse individual candidates. We do editorialize on political issues and I will be writing more about the Paul/Tancredo efforts in the near future.

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