Readers React To Virginia Dare
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08/18/07 - Saturday Forum: A CA Professor Says Bedbug Infestation Is Another Indication of Reconquista; etc.

Re: The Fulford File: Happy Birthday, Virginia Dare! And Many More…We Hope!

From A Reader:

There's a theory (among others) as to how the "Lost Colony" became lost.  It is, that through either force/coercion on the part of the Indians or by facing a situation of starvation vs. assimilation, the English colonizers were genetically incorporated  into the indigenous population in an area that is now comprised of Robeson County and parts of Hoke, Cumberland, and Columbus Counties of modern day North Carolina. An acute observer only need go "Honky Tonkin'  " in Lumberton/Robeson County, NC to find this theory plausible.

Robeson County has always been "The Brazil" of North Carolina. (1/3 White, 1/3 Lumbee Indian, 1/3 Black to one degree or another in infinite multi-racial permutations and proportions of bloodline mixtures)  Robeson County, coincidentally, also has the highest violent crime rate of any rural NC county and has sent more convicts to death row than any county in NC.  And in the past 15 years the new Mexican element has asserted itself (in a not too small way) in this same region.  Go figure what the future holds. [VDARE.COM note: You can read more about the Lumbees, who are what anthropologists call "tri-racial isolates, " on our Why / The White Doe? page, and the links to it.]


From Jim, Southern, CA

A very informative history on your website. Also excellent reference material. I have periodically gone to your website and enjoy it very much. It is refreshing to hear educated people quote historical fact and slam it down the throat of mindless white liberal guilt ridden liberals.

Good work.


From Dave In Montana

If my memory serves me, in 1936/7, the USPS issued a stamp in commemoration of her 350th. That was when philately was a pleasant pastime not a major investment vector.

James Fulford writes: Thanks for all the kind words,  and yes, there was a stamp in 1937, (see picture) and I should probably have included this page, about Virginia Dare Trail being literally "Swept away" by Hurricane Isabel in Nags Head, North Carolina.  But though it was swept away, the people of Nags Head simply rebuilt it. There's a lesson there, too.

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