An Illinois Reader Points To A Parallel With Obama's "You Didn't Build It" Speech
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Re: Pat Buchanan's article Obama's America—and Ours

From: An Illinois Reader [Email him]

I have a great deal of respect for who you are and what you do, and I would like to inform you of a political parallel I recently came across that, from what I can tell, hasn't been discovered.

Obama's "You didn't build that" speech bares an incredible resemblance to something Bob Avakian, Chairman of America's Revolutionary Communist Party, said a few years ago. The quote is from passage 1:16 of BAsics: [Sic, the BA in BAsics is for Bob Avakian.]

"Now, sometimes you see these fools get up, you know, like these ranchers and all this kind of sh*t, and you can imagine “W” down there on his ranch. And they say things like “I’m a selfmade man. Nobody gave me anything. I did it all myself.” Yeah, you’re a “self-made man.” All the clothes you’re wearing, everything you’re using is made by other people. The machinery you’re driving around, the rifle you own was made by other people. Everything you have and use is made by other people. And right now, you’re exploiting Mexican immigrants on your ranch. And you’re sitting on land that was stolen from native peoples in the first place. But you’re a “self-made man.”

Here's a link to the passage as well. And you can download the whole book at their website ""

I figure people should know about this, and that could be the ones to bring it to light.

James Fulford writes: Comrade Avakian is a sincere Maoist, and "Comrade" Obama is merely a far-Left minority Democrat, but yes, it's the same type of thinking.

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