An Illinois Paleoconservative Wonders Why Whites Don't Protest Against The Railroading Of White Cops The Way The Chinese Are Protesting Peter Liang's Conviction
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Re: Federale's blog post Rainbow Coalition Falling Apart: Chinese Americans Rally Against “Black Lives Matter” In Wrongful Prosecution Of Peter Liang

From: An Illinois Paleoconservative [Email him]

Last night I had on the local Chicago news and they started a story by saying protests break out in Chicago after charges are filed from a Police involved shooting. Immediately I thought "Oh man, what black guy got shot now by a cop in Chicago"?

Before they began speaking again they ran video of the shooting protest in downtown Chicago. The video showed a crowd of East Asians carrying signs and yelling into a bullhorn. I was shocked as I noticed not one black in the crowd. They then explained that it was a protest against the indictment of an East Asian police officer who accidentally shot a black man.

Until I read Federale's blog on the incident I didn't realize this had taken place in New York as last night was the first I had heard about it and then read the whole story today. Federale's blog is mostly about how blacks are attacking Hispanics and Asians when they are all supposed to be on the same side—against Whitey! But, I took away something different from the newscast.

My instant thought was "Why aren't white people out in droves like this for white police officers who are charged with manslaughter, accidental deaths, or BS charges pushed on them by SJW's?" Whites heavily outnumber East Asians in Chicago. Also, these Chicago Asians were fighting for one of their own in a far-away city.

My thoughts of why whites don't protest to protect their own was very much a self answered rhetorical question though. Way too many whites are SJW's, believe the story of the forever racist White police officer, or are just too scared of what will be thought of them should they protest. Protesting by white people to protect other white people instantly makes you the dreaded racist everyone knows you are!

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