An Illinois Engineer Says Immigration Lawyers Always See Green No Matter How Much Economic Red Ink Surrounds Them
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From: Bob Johnson (e-mail him)

Always the inventive ones, immigration lawyers now claim that the U.S. should liberalize its conditions for H-1B visas to help America convert to "green technology."

According to a bulletin distributed by Cyrus D. Mehta and Associates to go "green":

"America must quickly gear its immigration policy to attract the best and the brightest to its shores to partake in the development of this technology, similar to how internet and web technologies developed in the 1990s."

And, Mehta (e-mail him) has a long list of liberalized rules that he would like to see replace the current ones, including having the USCIS " …relax a bit and not reflexively spit out long Requests for Evidence (RFEs) on almost every petition that is filed."

No matter how dire America's economic conditions, immigration lawyers will always have some outrageous argument why we need more employment-based visas.

The only green I see in anyone's future is the money that will line the pockets of Mehta and his peers by processing immigration forms and documents. 

Johnson contributes articles to a professional Internet newsletter. His previous letters to VDARE.COM about Joe Biden and the H-1B visa and football coaches with H-1B visas are here and here.  

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