An Illinois African-American Reader Says Black Support for Barack Obama "Mirrors" Irish Enthusiasm For John F. Kennedy
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From: Braveheart (e-mail her)

Re: Pat Buchanan Column: Under President Obama, Whites Need Not Apply

I was a young girl in 1960 when John Kennedy ran for president.

Like the rest of the world, I became keenly aware of Irish pride during his candidacy.

I live in Chicago; one of the biggest Irish Catholic political power centers in America - the Richard J. Daley Irish/Catholic Stronghold.

No Irish Catholic Kennedy supporter even tried to hide the fact that they were elated at the possibility of an Irish Catholic becoming the president.

Kennedy got 80 percent of the Catholic vote that November; Irish Mayor Daley "delivered" Cook County to Kennedy.

Barack Obama's candidacy for African Americans is a mirror reflection of the pride Catholics had at Kennedy's run for the office.

Yet, Catholics like Buchanan can't let stand African American's cultural pride that is being expressed in the same manner the nation and the news media allowed Catholic pride to be expressed—that is without today's insidious comments about "balkanization" of our politics. 

Buchana refuses to view African Americans through the prism of a culture that has contributed much to this nation's success, instead seeing only color. 

What's obscene about Buchanan's approach to Obama is that it not only reflects his personal biases, but it reflects a larger, long ugly political history between blacks and the Irish.

Buchanan, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, John McLaughlin and the deceased Tim Russert represent what I call the Irish Catholic Media Mafia.

With few exceptions (possibly Chris Matthews who appears pro-Obama) they are patently condescending, paternalistic, and downright insulting to African Americans.

They are trying like all get-out to slander Obama, and therefore all black people, with accusations of his perceived malevolent intent. 

Buchanan, and the rest of his crowd should be aware that their bias has not gone unnoticed.

Here's a question for Pat: For decades the Irish were in total control of the civil service jobs in many major American cities, Chicago most notably. Were they ashamed of the signs that hung on the walls of the city government employment offices that said "Only Whites Need Apply"; or the newspaper ads posted that listed jobs "For Whites Only"?

Braveheart describes herself as "an African-America patriot who is opposed to illegal immigration." She wrote previously to VDARE.COM defending blacks' role in immigration reform here. Another letter, commenting positively on Joe Guzzardi's column "Blacks Join the Immigration Reform Fray—At Last!" is here.

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