Russert Had Big Plans for His Buddy Schwarzenegger
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It's always interesting to learn what powerful people promise each other when the microphones are turned off. Here's a piece about the California governor in today's San Francisco Chronicle (Schwarzenegger now supports on McCain, environment), and a little item about changing the Constitution comes out in passing like it's no big deal...
Schwarzenegger said Tim Russert, the recently deceased host of "Meet the Press" whom Shriver had called her best friend, told him if he ever chose to run for president he would help. "When I ran for governor, he called me and said, 'If you make that, if you win, then I will take care of the rest,'" Schwarzenegger recalled. "I said what are you talking about? And he said, 'I will get you to run for president. I will make sure that we change the Constitution.' It never happened. But anyway, I miss him very much."
Meet the Press honcho Tim Russert thought that he was big enough to engineer a change in the United States Constitution in order to help out a pal. (Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in Austria and is therefore not eligible to become President because he is an immigrant.)

When you are a Washington player, like Russert was, issues like American foundational law are just bumps along the road to be flattened by the mighty power of the MSM. It's an example of the everyday, accepted arrogance of the press.

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